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Environmental Impact Assessment

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  • ÇED – Çevresel Etki Değerlendirmesi

    Environmental Impact Assessment Hizmeti için bizi arayın

    Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is defined as the process by which environmental impacts that are to be carried out and that have begun during the pre-operational construction phase and that have continued during and after the operation have been examined, monitored and evaluated.
    Prior to the commencement of the activity in any matter, it was decided that the activities of the activity owners were carried out by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning of the Republic of Turkey within the scope of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation, which was enacted in the Official Gazette dated 07.02.1993 and numbered 21489 of that activity and later published in Official Gazete dated 25.11.2014 and numbered 29186 or they have to apply to the Provincial Directorates of Environment and Urbanism they are affiliated with.
    Within the EIA regulation, it is necessary to prepare the EIA Report for the activities listed in the Annex-1 list and the Project Presentation File for the activities listed on the Annex-2 list and to apply for the EIA Outside View within the activities not included in the lists.
    Environmental impact assessment
    ABECE Group Environmental and Business Security Engineering Services Inc. Within the scope of EIA regulation, EIA reports, project presentation files are prepared and EIA applications are made to Ministry and Provincial Directorates.
    ABECE GROUP ENVIRONMENTAL AND BUSINESS SAFETY ENGINEERING SERVICES INC. Is an environmental consulting firm authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism.