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Environmental Officer Consulting

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    Environmental Officer Consulting Hizmeti için bizi arayın

    The institutions, organizations and enterprises which are obliged under the Environmental Permit and License Regulations are obliged to employ the environmental officers / employees to evaluate the compliance of their activities with the regulations, the effective implementation of the measures taken and to perform internal annual audit audits or to obtain environmental consultancy services from environmental consultancy firms.
    Within the scope of environmental consultancy service given by ABECE GROUP ENVIRONMENT, you will evaluate our company within the scope of the related regulations, create a status report by carrying out the scope determination study, draw the most accurate road map in the result of the report, Environmental Officers are assigned to your premises within the time limits set by the regulations.In the case of companies which are not covered by the Environmental Permit Regulation, the Environment Excluded Article is taken and the legal declaration and declaration obligations are fulfilled by us completely within the periods specified in the regulations. ABECE We are a company that has the Service Location Qualification Certificate given by TSE in the environment and therefore the ones that will work with us should be a member of KOSGEB. It is possible for KOSGEB to take back half of the wages they have paid for two years in the context of Environmental Consultation as a return (support). Environmental Officer Consulting Lists of the Environmental Permit and License Regulations; a) Enterprises with a high pollutant impact on the environment (Annex-1 List) b) Enterprises with pollutant effects on the environment (Annex-2 List) The obligations of the facilities or activities in the above-mentioned lists; Activities or facilities listed in Annex-1; Establish an Environmental Management Unit and / or receive services from authorized Environmental Consulting firms, Activities or facilities included in Annex-2 list; employ at least one Environmental Officer and / or receive services from Environmental Consulting firms, The Organized Industrial Zones employ at least one Environmental Officer in their administration or receive services from Environmental Consulting firms or establish the Environmental Management Unit, Municipalities, Special Provincial Administrations and Local Authorities Associations or their subsidiaries; At least one environmental officer shall be employed to manage the facilities or activities listed in Annex-1 and Annex-2 on an environmental basis, or an environmental management unit shall be established, or an environmental management service shall be provided by authorized environmental consultants to conduct environmental activities, Those who are in health institutions and hospitals, those with a bed capacity of 20 or more are required to operate at least one environmental officer or establish an environmental management unit or receive services from an authorized environmental consulting firm, ABECE GROUP ENVIRONMENT, you will need our professional team, formal authorization, licensing or licensing transactions are followed by great care and professional follow-up.
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