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Environmental Planning

    Environmental Planning Hizmeti için bizi arayın

    Environmental Planning and Feasibility Studies It is the work done to ensure that existing plants, especially in new installations, comply with local, national or international environmental and occupational safety legislation. In this study; the area where the plant is located and the infrastructure it has are examined in detail from the point of view of the construction or the work to be done. The factors affecting the environmental and OSH performance that the plant needs or can hear are determined. Modeling tools for each of these elements (infrastructure, ventilation, dust / gas filter systems, CO2 generation, waste management, waste water management, energy management, chemical management, soil pollution combat, work safety management etc.) are examined in detail with "Environmental Planning and Feasibility Report" is prepared as a result of the review. In addition to industrial facilities, municipalities, hotels, tourism and recreational facilities, airports, hospitals are also organizations that want to benefit from this service. Environmental Presence: Your business is assessed and reported according to the legal criteria or customer requirements. The targets are determined within the scope of the required criteria and the degree of proximity to these targets is determined.