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Industrial Electrostatic Filter

WHAT IS ELECTROSTATIC FILTER? HOW DOES IT WORK? Industrial Type Electro Static Filters purify polluted air, smelly and greasy air from the air by using electrostatic acceleration method to purify pollutants such as smoke, work, smell, oil and dust in the air. In the electrostatic acceleration method, the air is introduced into a scrubbable metal pre-filter by a fan, thereby removing large particles. Place the electrostatic filters between the air heaters and the ceiling draw fans. Thus, the flue gases contained in the fly ash, gas channels and fan blades may be prevented from burning. The particles in the filter are cleaned and reattached at the appropriate time. Electrofilters utilize two flow electrostatic ash holders to utilize the ash in the flue gas from the electric field. Sheet metal plates are placed in a closed body. Industrial type There are wires between these plates. Each flow equals half the dust holder. Power is supplied from a transformer rectifier group in a 225 kV power supply with 380 V dc flow for each half dust collector. Electrofilter wire (-) electrode, sheet metal (+) electrodes are. When voltage is applied to the electrodes, the electrons from the wires collide with neutral powder particles and turn them into (-) ions. (-) loaded powders are attracted by (+) charged electrons, powder particles adhere to the sheet metal and are separated from the gas. In order to remove the sheets from the dust, the method called cam arrangement is used. With the cam, the plates are shrunk in certain periods. Electric motors provide this motion to the cams. The ashes are discharged to the ash silos under the electro filter. Shaking the plates at certain periods is an important factor for electrostatic filtration to be long lasting and efficient.

The gas is thrown out of the chimney at around 1600 C by means of a gravitational pulling ventilator. The efficiency of the electric filters is about 98%.
Electric filters have provided a great relief to the people of the surrounding area where the thermal power plants were invented. Before these filters were used, people living in the nearby settlements of the plants caught respiratory tract diseases leading to death due to flue gas.
The absence of ventilation systems always hurts people's health. Ventilation systems are more important because they are visible.
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Industrial Type Electrostatic Filter with a few images and video


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